Photo by Kate Bowe O’ Brien

Farm (2019)
(Slide projector, 80 x 35mm slides, python)

In October 2018, Twitter released an archive of over 10 million tweets from troll accounts mostly associated with the Internet Research Agency, a Russian troll farm. These accounts were used to influence public and political discourse globally and engaged with many key events between 2013 – 2018 including the Black Lives Matter movement, the Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts, Brexit and the 2016 US Presidential race. Twitter also made available all associated digital media content, including over 1.7 million jpeg and png images. These images provide a visual narrative of the events mentioned previously whilst also serving as a reminder of the disposable nature of the digital format. Farm displays 80 mostly digital native images randomly selected and then converted to 35mm film slides. The use of film and a slide projector to display this selection is an extension of slow computing, and a small act of resistance in an era of hyper-algorithmic media consumption.